Art Center Duplex100m2-Sarajevo present :


Baptiste Debombourg

Ibro Hasanovic

Radenko Milak



The objective of the project is to map artistic action as it is produced in the context of collective initiatives by artists who decide to join forces in seeking answers to artistic questions by creating the so-called platforms.


The project will help promote the various artists’ groups, collectives, platforms, artist-run spaces and independent art spaces of a non-commercial (non-profit) orientation which operate in unconventional ways, in Greece as well as abroad, managing to establish unexpected debates on art.The artist-run platforms-group are given the opportunity to present an art project at a specific site—booth—and thus provide a picture of the independent art scene. Platform Project @ Art Athina will present 45 platforms – artists’ initiatives from 16 countries with more than 500 artists.


The platforms come from: Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Austria, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Finland, France, Russia, Serbia.


coordinator Artemis Potamianou



Obala Kulina Bana 22
71000, Sarajevo
Bosnie Herzegovine