Solo Exhibition - Glass installation



Through the tense relationship between construction and destruction, Debombourg explores our relationship with reality, with objects from everyday life, and the fragile nature of human existence.


Flow (II) is the second version of a contextual installation of windscreens that surge up like a wave, created in Quebec, Canada, in 2013. This time the wave crashes in Singular gallery, in Pula, Croatia.


The shape of the glass wave that the viewer confronts echos the curve of the street that he walks along on on his way to the gallery. The street leads to the top of the hill, where the town's Venetian fortress is located; a witness to the human act of conquering.


Flow (II) explores exactly this aspects of human nature, the instinct to conquer, to dominate, to build, to destroy - impetuses that manifest themselves in mass production and consumption - cycles we initiate driven by our need to be winners, but are ultimately defeated by inevitable cataclysmic destruction.


The artwork is a metaphor for life, and the viewer at Singular confronts it 'face to face', from utmost closeness. The glass wave created by strong - brute - physical action upon the material entirely fills up the gallery. The performed aggression creates uneasiness that floods the space, through the gallery window it 'exits' on to the street and provokes shock, but also excitement, for passerbys and viewers in the gallery.





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