INVITATION presents eight contemporary European artists, a Danish, a Belgian and six French: Nadia Plesner, David Évrard, Baptiste Debombourg, Thomas Fougeirol, Michel Gouery, David Marin, Jérôme Rappanello, Raphaëlle Ricol. INVITATION, the exhibition, combines the diversity and complexity of these artists and their practices, ceramic and silver photography, oil and collage, without chronology nor thematic.


All of them have in common a formal research that explores and offers an opening, a particular perception of our contemporary condition. With various sets of materials, colors, shapes, writing, language, INVITATION is a live poetic journey, a slam. 


INVITATION is neither monographic or monochrome. INVITATION is similar to a conversation both serious and light, surprisingly, unbridled, as an instant edge. INVITATION lead to a reflection on contemporary issues, sometimes hard, without cynicism or casually. INVITATION, even with his works that are ornaments, has a meaning in this city that would different in any other European salon, here it is a little more spicy and agitated. 




Guillaume Dimanche