After two exhibitions, „Turbo“ organized in the Gallery 10m2 in 2007, and „Volte-Face“ in the Art Center Duplex in 2010, Gallery Duplex 100m2 has a pleasure to present „Retrovision“, which is the third independent exhibition by artist Baptiste Debombourg organized in Sarajevo. The exhibition will be open until October 31, 2013. The artist will present his video work “Retrovision”, realized in cooperation with David Marin in 2012-2013 and inspired by the golden sculpture “Marx”*.
The exhibition will also present new drawings of the artist from the series “Tradition of Excellence” in which antipersonnel mines are depicted as architectural drawings.



“Retrovision” is a “retro-futuristic” allegory, which questions the place of memory sites in collective consciousness, an archeology of the future open to the pageantry based on repressed, untold or neglected stories. Accompanied by a throbbing, stellar and atmospheric soundtrack, the sculpture "Marx" *, filmed closely to its matter, discovers all its facets. This journey to the heart of the matter, through a sequence of blurred and sharp images, produces a game of depth and perspective and creates a set of fantastic and organic, sublime and dreamlike landscapes. The soundtrack reinforces a sense of uncharted territory until fiction can arise. This exhibition presents new perspectives and issues in the field of artist’s expression, while coming closer to a more spiritual and philosophical form and reconsidering the vision of the present.



Pierre Courtin



*The sculpture with its evocative title “Marx”, made up entirely of gold, was presented to the art center “Le lieu” in Quebec City, the gallery “Le Royal Monceau” in Paris, as well as in the museum “Mudac” in Lausanne. The artist uses a material considered trash, a common plastic bag that flooded our stores; a disposable object par excellence is here completely covered in gold leafs: the rapidly consumed joins a form of immortality touching the sublime.






Obala Kulina Bana 22, 71000