Moving Art by Solo Project :

"Marx" vidéo 6mn HD, Baptiste Debombourg & David Marin, Galerie Patricia Dorfmann


By faceing some key issues, which are avoided from the current international art agenda, The-Solo-Project showcase works by leading artists, presented by a carefully selected group of international galleries. During the editions The-solo-project has quickly established itself as an important satellite fair in Basel. This Project is an attempt to overtake the already existing subsidiary fairs, and its aim is to offers an opportunity to enhance the contemporary art experience by presenting a more in depth view of individual artists work. 


As its name suggests, the-solo-project will remain faithful to it's original intention: one booth for each artist or a carefully curated group of related artworks by two artists. Within this context, our project continues to create a more intimate and thought provoking environment for each artists work, allowing for a clearer and defined experience for the collector.



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