Solo Show Ultra Transparency

 DC open Galleries 2014


Baptiste Debombourg is a sculptor. He explores violence and accidents as thought-provoking impulses. The coincidence, in whatever form, has consequences that affect us. What interests Debombourg is the answer to these coincidences and how they are developed. In all historical belongings (history of art, industry, historical events ...) awareness is created and produced by experiments - either the potential for devastating accidents or, in its best sense, creative innovation. 


Debombourg’s work with glass is based, inter alia, on the "Grande Verre" (Large Glass, 272 x 176 cm, 1915-1923) by Marcel Duchamp and formal links to Kasimir Malevich’ Supremacism. Duchamp himself described it as a unfinished painting, consisting of two glass plates painted by him, broke partially during a return shipment of an exhibition in Brooklyn in 1926-27. The glass broke and had large fractures. Although Duchamp partially restored it himself he left the cracks in the glass and later called it "Ready-Made-intention".


His glass installations such as "Aérial" at Brauweiler Abbey near Cologne, 2012 or "Flow", Quebec, 2013 deal with the idea of destruction and recomposition. The in-situ installations correspond as expansive work of laminated glass with the architectural characteristics of the area. They elevate the space and let it "melt" and "expand". 

Baptiste Debombourg (* 1978) studied sculpture at the Ecole National des Beaux Arts in Lyon and post-graduated from the Ecole National Superior des Beaux Arts in Paris. Numerous exhibitions in France, Germany and abroad have brought him international attention. As he makes use of ever new materials applying solid craftsmanship and provoking ideas his installations as well as his neo-constructivist glass objects – exclusively developed for his Cologne show - lead to energetically charged experiences.