An exhibition curated by Elle Ware & AA(n+1)


with Philippe Morel/EZCT,

Baptiste Debombourg, Jeanne Briand, the Computational Monkeys, Human since 1982, Tajchman & Seroussi


The “WHITE CUBE”, paradoxical “black box” of Conceptual Art is being technologically integrated ! New integrated ways of production, bridging performing art and technological architecture, open up to new architectural perspective. New media unceasingly reshape the gallery itself and perceptions of the visitors are no longer receptive emotion of the artistic shape but artistic medium to be shaped. Here, artists and architects explore the iconic figure of the white cube to modify the perception of the art gallery itself using the most ambitious technological process in a trans-disciplinary gesture where movement, brain activity, sight, and all sensations of time and space are captured to re-create instant performative design.


The “WHITE CUBE”, the most minimalist geometrical shape, lead to the mere conceptual theorization of the exhibition space. What happens to this iconic geometry when its scale is being modified and multiplied according to any integrated productive means ? From the exhibition space, to the pure transcription of the architectural symbol, passing by the minimal item, constructive pixel, the white cube is repetitively reproduced and systemized to build up any non-imaginative form. In that extent, this exhibition purpose is to confront artists and architects in a design perspective. Some of which intensively use parametric technologies and integrated design to transform one abstract shape, from one scale to another into a cloud of points, one repetitive item of a structural construction, one cell creating interior envelope of a wandering space, architecture is being made kinetic ...



Elle Ware