organized by Alternative Space Bandee Gallerie in Busan, Korea
Octobre 2007

Alternative Space Bandee (bandee means firefly in Korean) is a nonprofit exhibition organization in Busan that has planned exhibitions for young and talented artists in this region, and has held events like the Busan International Video Festival.


Curated by Mathieu Marguerin, Pierre Courtin (Galerija 10m2), Charlie Jeffery, Helene Mugnier, Ronan le Grand, Adrien Pasternak and Argentine Lee.


"The public is invited to participate in the alternative art space BANDEE, featuring genuine premier art activation artists who are dedicated to the original production of video work with its own distinctive visual language and sensibility. Bandee has sponsored the Busan International Vidéo Festival for video art by new artists since 2004. It's program for the video festival - which is devoted to public work by domestic authors - has been held for three consecutive years. However, the program has now been extended starting in 2007, and simultaneously a wide variety of single channel video work has been developed."


Participed 77 artists / 104 works




Ko  Chang-min

Mari Kim

Lee  Seung-nam

Hong  Esther

Choi Eun-Ji

Yang Min-joo

Cho Yong-Ho


Boris Achour

Damir Niksić

Mathieu Rouget

Demis Sinancević.Inkarnacija

Leila Cmajcanin

Seong-hoon Park

Baptiste Debombourg

Bertran berranger 

Ervin Babić

Laurent Pernot...



Baptiste Debombourg (in collaboration with Antoine Melkior) : "T.C.S." (LESS IS MORE) 

movie of half-car phenomena / HDV quality, 1mn 55s


This movie shows a car race of "cripple" vehicles. it's represent the underground universe about TCS, which is originated from the French stunts in the cinema. (Rémy Julienne in James Bond’s movie “A View to a Kill”). In the same time it’s make a critic of the society comparing the real life with life in the race.


Catalogue edited by Space Bandee, 2007


Space Bandee

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