the Northerner

Robert Clark recommends


Hints To Workmen, Sunderland, Northern Gallery For Contemporary Art, until 5 February


Could hardly be more timely could it? An exhibition on a theme of cultural resistance to capitalist corruption and political deception.
The show takes its title from a mid-1840s educational pamphlet that suggested the powers-that-be take a paternalist responsibility in advising the workers how best to conduct their little lives. Parallels are drawn with the recent advent of "Nudge Theory" which basically suggests the same thing today. So, a roll call of international artists, including Baptiste Debombourg, Anna McCarthy and a graphic individual called Stuffit, have been invited to variously rage against the machine.


Tactics of resistance include creating one's own currency in Zurich, cycling headlong into oncoming traffic down major thoroughfares of capital cities of the former Soviet bloc, and a subcultural stuntcar spectacle in Paris in which only the crippled front halves of the cars are raced.