magazine about urban fashion and culture
quarterly/ winter 2011

WAD ABOUT / by Adeline Grais-Cernea


Wad's floors issue. We go up, we go down, and straight through the corridor. Circulation is the key world. A perfect occasion to take a look at the walls and talk about architecture, without losing sight of culture. Here's a selection of agencies, projects and artists, all off the wall !


Baptiste Debombourg 


This young artist, a Paris' Beaux-Arts graduate among others, now displays his work at the Patricia Dorfmann gallery and works over and over again on his art, mainly focused on human relationships and feelings of failure and success. Through several mediums (sculpture, installations, drawings) and materials such as wood, staples or glass, he gives a shape to fear and happiness while questioning the rules of personal construction and deconstruction via pictures or architectural structure. With powerful, accurate creations, he gives birth to massive ensembles and bodies that make the viewers question their own body and soul's fragility, underlined by perishable, vulnerable pieces. Baptiste Debombourg's work was exhibited many times this summer, and it will be on display in Germany and Czech Republic until December 15.


Adeline Grais-Cernea ©WAD MAGAZINE