Acceleration Field is an contextual laminated glass installation realised in the "Patio"* of the Maison Rouge - Foundation Antoine de Galbert in Paris. It is the most complexe, and bigger glass installation ever made in outdoor from today.


* prizewinner by les "amis de la Maison rouge" - Foundation Antoine de Galbert.


text by Bénédicte Ramade




laminated glass installation in le Patio - Foundation Antoine de Galbert in Paris



white laminated glass, wood structure, vis, nails, painting, silicons

technical assistant 3D, Léa Marchal

with the support of Saint-Gobain Industry, Wellmade



11x7x1,8m / 250 m2 glass / 4 tons


Realisation time:

300 hours of conception

250 hours of modelisation

210 hours of manting